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Relive the Game.

Introducing the world’s first and only autonomous camera and open content platform for sports.

Reserve your camera.

Discover what Stanford’s men’s team, Met Oval NYC, Placer United and other clubs have already discovered. Hurry, our camera is in high demand.


Live stream your games to your team's community.

FieldVision has the only portable, autonomous sports camera capable of streaming live. Make sure that parents and fans never miss the action with our Live feature.


Upload and maintain your library of game footage.

You don’t need to film with our camera to take advantage of our great features. Upload all your game footage, regardless of when and where you filmed it.


Clip highlights and  important plays.

Moments are portions of video up to 60 seconds in length. Clip and share them immediately, or save them to a Collection to view later.


Add your favorite Moments and highlights to Collections.

Save important clips to a Collection to share with friends and family, or to use as teachable moments to help coach and develop players.

Coaches, parents, and players



Tools to help you develop players.

Game analysis, and auto-event tracking help you point out the highs and lows, while Roster Management let’s  you keep your team in order throughout each season.

For parents AND Fans

Watch no matter how busy you are.

Gonna miss a game because of work? Don’t worry, you can watch any game or Moment afterward directly in the FieldVision iOS app, or on our desktop web product.


Build your ultimate highlight reel.

Compile a reel of different Moments (each up to 60 sec.s long), and tailor the perfect highlight reel for any recruiter, coach, or school where you’re hoping to play.


FieldVision is the future

of soccer content. We can't wait to get this over in Japan.”

Keisuke HondaPro Soccer Player (Japan, Formerly AC Milan)