Enabling access to sports content for any team.

Using technology, we allow any sports team to easily create and distribute content and data across their community (and further), whether that be for development, scouting, recruiting, or pure entertainment. We focus on the long tail — the 10 million teams and 200 million athletes in the world whose content is not meaningfully accessible or usable.

Our story...

FieldVision started with the simple idea that content creation and access should be much, much easier for teams, athletes, and fans around the world. Born in a steamy office in East Harlem in the summer of 2016, FieldVision has been building and iterating autonomous cameras and software for sports ever since. HQ is now located in the Dogpatch district in SF, but we hail from all over the country (and world) and our customers do too!

Our team DNA lies in computer vision, sports analytics, robotics, and physics. We're a group of athletes, coaches, and technologists, but more importantly just all-round fun, hard-working, and collaborative people. We love the world of sports, but care more about crafting a quality product that will be used by millions around the world.

Our values and benefits create our incredible culture.

Here at FieldVision we know team culture and camaraderie is paramount to success, both on and off the field. That’s why we adhere to a strict set of values, day-in, and day-out.

In addition, we offer flexible working environments (work from anywhere), team lunches, the autonomy to do your best work, and a variety of other perks to help keep your life in balance.

Just a few of our many clubs.

This is a small group of Clubs and Organizations across the United States using FieldVision to make their game, players, and coaches better.


FieldVision is the future

of soccer content. We can't wait to get this over in Japan.”

Keisuke HondaPro Soccer Player (Japan, Formerly AC Milan)