With or without a camera?

Plans and pricing designed for you and your team’s needs.

Take advantage of our powerful platform:
  • Unlimited content storage for all your team’s footage
  • Upload your own games to share with friends & family
  • Create Moments from any play in the your footage
  • Invite your entire team and community
  • World-class customer support 7 days a week
Try it with 5 of your own games, no strings attached.
with our autonomous camera you'll get:
  • 5 to 6 hours recording life
  • Ethernet, WiFi, 4G LTE upload capabilities
  • Three, 4K cameras that capture a 180 degree view
  • Weatherproof (rain, snow, etc.)
  • Storage capacity of ~25 90-minute games
Try it risk-free with a 45-day money back guarantee.
(Pro is billed annually)

Choose a plan that's right for you.

(billed monthly)
$1,599 + $99/mo
(billed annually)
Sharing & Privacy
Store unlimited games and Moments for your organization.
Make your team’s content public or private.
Share games and content easily to social media (Facebook and Twitter).
Editing & Tagging
Create key Moments or highlights from game footage.
Curate Collections (groups of Moments) to share and download easily.
Tag players and caption clips to call attention to players or others.
Storage Capacity
Store unlimited games and Moments for your organization.
Invite your community - unlimited accounts for Coaches, Admins, Players, and Parents.
Apps & Platforms
Access FieldVision content on web or iOS and take your games with you anywhere.
Help & Support
World-class support at your beck and call via SMS or Email, 7 days a week.
Panning & Zooming
Panning + zooming & no cameraman.
Toggle between a wide, Tactical view to a narrower AutoFilm view.
Analytics (soccer only)
Possession report.
Interactive zone/possession chart.
Automated Event Tagging (Goals, Goal Kicks, Corner Kicks)
Live Streaming
Stream games live  (bandwidth dependent).
Your first live stream is included.


How does this work?

Once you reserve your spot with a $99 deposit, we’ll reserve your spot in the first batch of customers. We’re only building a limited batch of cameras at the factory so you’re in the club. We've started shipping as of September 1. We handle payment only after you've used the product and provide a 45-day money back guarantee.

Can I use my own tripod?

Yes, absolutely. We’ll provide an adapter for your tripod so you can use your own tripod or mount it easily. That being said, the tripod we include is a great option. It’s easily portable (~15lbs) and elevates the camera up to 16 feet above the ground.

How does it track the action?

Our secret sauce is proprietary software that detects the ball and players in addition to trying to understand what's happening in the game (halftime, goal, corner kick, etc.). We use all that information to create our AutoFilm production.

Can I download my games?

Yes indeed. We let you export mp4s of games and highlights directly from the web app.

Where is my footage?

All footage is stored on our platform so everyone has centralized access. No more handing around CDs or emailing large files.

Can I see a demo before I commit?

Sure, get in touch at support@fieldvision.co


FieldVision is the future

of soccer content. We can't wait to get this over in Japan.”

Keisuke HondaPro Soccer Player (Japan, Formerly AC Milan)