The future is now.

Introducing the world’s first and only autonomous camera and open content platform for sports.

180˚ tactical view

Take your game film to the next level.

With a 180 degree view of the field, our Tactical View gives you a look at exactly how each and every play unfolds.


Recognizing and revolutionizing sports film.

Autofilm detects where the action is and magically zooms in on that area. Want to pay attention to a specific player? Autofilm can do that, too.

Specs, details, and the rule of 3.

camera sensors

Three, to be exact.

The F1 takes advantage of three, 4K cameras to stitch together a 12K panoramic view of the field in a whopping 24 megapixel Tactical View. In addition, it can film in 4K or 1080P.


That’s right, three games.

The battery on the F1 is able to record for greater than five hours, without interruption. That’s the equivalent to a little over three 90 min soccer games with stoppage time.


Connect three ways.

LTE, WiFi, and Ethernet; whether you’re filming a game live or uploading a batch at the end of a tournament, the F1 can connect to FieldVision’s cloud in three different ways.


Store ~30 hours of film.

3x10 hours, so you can rest assured knowing you won’t ever run out of space. With 250 gigabytes of storage (roughly 30 games) the F1 can handle the biggest events, for the largest organizations.

"The best part

about FieldVision is the unmanned camera - set it and forget. It's head & shoulders why we’re with FV."